In 2015 Françoise started giving Masterclasses in different Aqua-events. She loves to share her passion and 25 year experience with other aqua-instructors and future aqua-instructors. If you need an Aquafitness presenter for one of your events don't hesitate to contact her. Her masterclasses can be given in English, French, German and Dutch.

Deep water:

Deep Aquaerobics (2015) Continuous training through choreography  

Tiefwassertraining mit Material (2016) (No longer available)

Ball-training VS Wall-training (2018) Deep water training alternating "bootcamp style" sets using the wall and continuous training sets using a small ball.

Shallow water:

Choreo VS Tabata (2018) Alternating intense interval sets with longer sets of non-stop training using choreography for coordination, concentration, endurance and fun.

Under preparation:

To Deep or not too Deep A class that can be taught in shallow and deep water.

Non-stop Aqua shallow water workshop with different choreography techniques to vary continuous training in the water. A challenge for your coordination, concentration and endurance while having fun experiencing a feeling of being on a dance floor.

Choreo VS Tabata  (Deep Water version)

Workshop Running & Finning Combines the benefits of vertical and horizontal aqua-training. A deep water running program followed by a finning class using short fins and a kick board or dumbells. Ideal for smaller groups.